Published on January 6, 2022


What is a Parish Pastoral Council . A Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body of the faithful, representative of the whole parish community, willing to work in close partnership with the priest to further the mission of Christ and his Church in the parish. Over the lifetime of the next PPC there are many areas which need to be developed in our parish. This can happen with discussion and involvement of people from all sections and areas of our parish. When you are thinking about who you would like to nominate to the PPC it is good to remember we need a mix of young adults young parents, older people. As a group they will help our parish develop and work on plans and initiatives to help improve the good of the parish into the future. In a word, we want to make Christ Present in as many ways as possible in our parish. “Parish Pastoral Council members occasionally find themselves on a steep learning curve. For new members, the learning has to do partly with identifying the challenges (e.g. the quality of liturgy; action for justice and social concern, education in faith for young people, vocations etc.) and partly with the development of a concrete pastoral strategy for responding to those challenges. Sometimes the task seems to be daunting, but the important thing is to identify what can be done, rather than to lament the present situation. Finding the balance between speaking and listening, between following and leading is all part of the learning curve for any group trying to work together. “ Bishop Doran Elphin.

We are blessed  with a fantastic team of volunteers for various areas of parish life. We are far better than any parish I see in the area.  So thanks to all involved

There are many areas of Parish Life

  • Mass and Liturgy
  • Prayer opportunities in the Parish
  • Youth involvement
  • Evangelization
  • Adult Faith Education
  • Parish Centre/Rahugh Hall
  • Communication , Webcam, Website, Newsletter
  • Hospitality, Social Out Reach
  • Vocations and Mission
  • Integrations of Parish Groups
  • Care of the Sick, old or isolated