Published on November 24, 2021

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Instead of a Penitential Service at Christmas I will provide Confessions after every Mass during Advent. This will give people 12 opportunities in the week to go to Confessions along with the  Saturday Confessions 11-12 p.m.  In all there will be over 40 opportunities for Confessions. There is also Confessions available in neighbouring parishes.

“One does not go to confession as chastised people who must humble themselves, but as children who run to receive the Father’s embrace. And the Father lifts us up in every situation, He forgives our every sin. Hear this well: God always forgives! Do you understand? God always forgives!” One is not going to a judge to settle accounts, but “to Jesus who loves me and heals me”. “Let them feel themselves to be in the place of God the Father who always forgives and embraces and welcomes. Let us give God first place in confession. If God, if He, is the protagonist, everything becomes beautiful, and confessing becomes the Sacrament of joy. Yes, of joy: not of fear and judgment, but of joy”.  Pope Francis