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Lent time when God helps us to grow spiritually. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus recommended three practices that help us grow as people; prayer, fast and giving to those in need. They form the three areas for Lenten Resolutions. These suggestions may help. Prayer: Go to Mass on weekdays as well as Sunday. Have time for personal prayer. Go to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Pray as a family. Reading a piece of the Gospel each day and reflecting on it. Call into the Church each day for a quite time of prayer. Fasting: On Ash Wednesdays and Good Friday we are obliged to fast and to abstain from meat and meat products. All those between the ages of 21 and 69 are asked to take one normal meal and two light meals. All those over 14 are asked to abstain from meat. Giving up something like sweets, sugar, smoking etc all fit in here. This practice is about learning to say no so that we can be stronger to say yes. Helping those in need: We can do this with our donations to Trocaire and by visiting those who are in need in our own parish. Ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration on how you could help others. Is there any voluntary work you can do? Could you visit the sick or housebound. Maybe visit parents or grandparents? >

Fr. Brendan,
Presbytery, Harbour Rd.,
Co. Westmeath

078 2618353

St. Patrick’s Day
9.30 a.m. Joe and Rose Crombie, and son and daughter, Michael and Rose
11a. m.

Third Sunday of lent
8.p.m. Paddy Carton, Loughnagore
Agnes and Ted Dunne
9.30 a.m.
11a. m. Ellen and John Craig

Wednesday Evening 7.30 Mass.

We wish all the Girsls and Boys who are receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation on Thursday every blessing. We ask all parishioners to pray for them that their faith may be refreshed and strengthened.



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