Safeguarding Children Policy

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Diocesan Designated Liaison Person

The role of Designated Liasion Person in the Diocese of Meath is carried out by Mrs Marie O’Sullivan. Her task is described in the National Guidelines as follows:

To promote safeguarding by:

  • Hearing child safeguarding concerns;
  • Passing on child safeguarding concerns to the statutory authorities;
  • Managing cases and all associated documents;
  • Liaising with the support person, advisor and the Bishop;
  • Passing on child safeguarding concerns to the NBSCCCI;
  • Conducting internal inquiries;
  • Contributing to upholding the seven standards in practice and behaviour;
  • Completing an annual report regarding compliance with Standards 2, 3 and 4 for the Bishop;
  • Monitoring respondents or, with the Bishop, appointing a suitable person to carry out this role.

Mrs Marie O’Sullivan can be contacted at 083 317 5742
or by email:

The Parish Liaison Persons are:

Mrs. Anne Corcoran Tonyphort, Kilbeggan. – 086 062 8496

Mr. Joe Henson, Rahugh, Kilbeggan. – 087 240 7318

From the date of commencement of the legislation on 27 April 2016, it is a criminal offence to allow anyone to engage in work with children or vulnerable adults, without having them vetted first.

The law sets out circumstances that require vetting, defined as:

Any work or activity which is carried out by a person, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with, children.

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Report of National Board ‘s Review of the Diocese of Meath

Report of National Board of Review of Diocese of Meath 2019