Lourdes & Marian Miracles

Lourdes & Marian Miracles

Lourdes is a place of prayer and pilgrimage where thousands of people have been healed, verifying the truth of theism.
Bernard Francois examined the cures recorded from 1858 to 1976. He and his co-workers estimate approximately 4,516 medical cures were acknowledged as cures from 1858 to 1976. Sixty-seven cures have been regarded as miracles by the Catholic Church up to 2005. Francois claims the breakdown was “seven miracles in 1862, thirty-three in 1907-13, twenty-two in 1946-65, and five in 1976-2005.” The seventieth miracle recognised by the Catholic Church was that of the healing of a disabled French nun, Sister Moriau which was declared on Feb 11, 2018.

Details of the first 69 miracles approved by the Church are available at the miraclehunter.com

Contrary to popular belief, the Catholic Church is very skeptical and requires an extremely rigorous level of evidence before declaring a cure miraculous.

Bernadette Soubirous

Saint Marie Bernarde Soubirous

Saint Marie Bernarde Soubirous was an uneducated, impoverished, fourteen-year-old visionary, who experienced eighteen visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Lourdes, between 11 February and July 16 1858.

Alexis Carrell

A cure of Marie Bailly in 1902 resulted in the conversion of agnostic Nobel Prize winner, Dr Alexis Carrell, whose honesty and integrity cost him professionally.

Marie had “acute tuberculous peritonitis with considerable abdominal distension with large hard masses.” Lourdes water was poured over her stomach and the swelling flattened and disappeared within 30 minutes. “All traces of the distension and the hard masses were gone.”

Carrel publicly stated that the cure may have been miraculous, which ended his career in France. Carrel then moved to the Rockefeller University where his work in vascular anastomosis earned him a Nobel prize. On another visit to Lourdes, Carrel observed the instant healing of a blind, 18 month- old child.


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