The Vocation of a grandparent in our parish today!

Published on May 21, 2022

“Even grandparents and the elderly are part of our families,”   “Today a prevailing throwaway culture tends to consider the elderly unimportant and even insignificant for society. Old age, on the other hand, is a further time to respond to God’s call. It is certainly a new, different and in some respects even more adult and mature response. The vocation to love is a call that God makes to us at every stage of our life. This means that grandparents and the elderly are also called to live the grace of their relationship with the Lord, through relationships with children, grandchildren, young people and children. The response to this call is articulated in two directions: one is given by what they can offer to others through their experience, their patience and their wisdom; the other from what they can receive from others in their condition of fragility, weakness and need. In this way, the elderly offer themselves and those who come into contact with them a further opportunity for human, authentic and mature growth”

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