Published on June 15, 2023

With Mary towards the Universal Synod
At the invitation of Pope Francis, let us place the 16th Ordinary
General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops which will take place in
Rome in October, under the protection of Mary, Mother of the
Church. And in union with those gathered in Knock today, let us
also ask Mary, Queen of Ireland, to guide the synodal pathway in
Mary, the mother of God, is always with us on the synodal path, for
she is also ‘Mother of the Church’; mother of all those who are
disciples of her Son. Whenever we are feeling lost, confused, or
hesitant about the way, we only have to look to her to point out the
way. At Knock, Mary does not speak. She does not need to. She only
needs to direct our gaze to her Son. In her wordless gesture, she
sums up the whole mission of the Church.
LITANY: R/ Walk with us and pray for us
Holy Mary Mother of God Walk with us and pray for us
Mother of the Church “
Mother of the disciples of Jesus “
Mother of the lost and the lonely “
Mother of the confused and hesitant “
Mother of those who are searching and questioning “
Mother of those who are on the margins “
Mother who gives us direction and points the way ahead “
Woman of silence and reflection “
Woman of service and action “
Woman who sets out in mission “
Woman who directs us to your Son “
You journeyed from Nazareth to Bethlehem “
You journeyed as a refugee on the road to Egypt “
You journeyed as a pilgrim to Jerusalem “
You accompanied your Son Jesus on the road to Calvary “
You walked with the disciples as they shared the Good News “
Let us pray:
Holy Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church,
guide our steps along the right path.
Direct us towards your Son and help us to follow Him faithfully.
Mary, Mother of God Pray for us
Mary, Mother of the Church Pray for us
Mary, Queen of Ireland Pray for us